I’m Nutty for Nutty Bars!


As you can probably tell from the title of this blog post- I LOVED these Little Debbie Nutty Bars, which was surprising to me considering the low expectations I had going into this purchase (I blame the off-brand chocolate wafers my mom used to buy at the grocery store). I have never been more happy to be wrong, however, since I think these bars are, to borrow the common phrase, the bomb.com/awesome (the last part is from me). I’m going explain to you why exactly these bars are so amazing by describing their smell, texture, taste, and aftertaste ending with the answer to the question: were they worth the calories? (Spoiler- yes they were and are!)

Smell: The bars didn’t have a very distinctive smell, only a faint wisp of peanut butter and Nutella, which I thought was odd since Nutella is not one of the ingredients, but it smelled pleasant so I wasn’t willing to question it too much.

Texture: Initially I couldn’t tell if the Nutty Bars had a texture since the chocolate coating immediately rubbed off on my fingers (although that could be due to the fact that it was rather warm in my room). After licking off all the excess chocolate on my fingers I took a bite and discovered that the bar was very light and had the consistency of a wafer. The first few bites were crunchy, but pretty quickly the bar dissolved completely in my mouth. As an extra bonus, the bar isn’t crumbly so you aren’t left with little chocolate covered wafer flakes in your lap.

Taste: I feel like even people who don’t particularly care for peanut butter would still enjoy these bars since the taste of peanut butter isn’t overwhelming. The taste of peanut butter is diluted by the chocolate coating and the sugary-ness of the wafer, causing the peanut butter to taste more like sugar than straight-out-of-the-jar Jif. Not that there’s even that much to taste, the wafer is so light it melts in your mouth almost before you get the full taste of the bar.

Aftertaste: There wasn’t much of an aftertaste, just a residual sweetness in your mouth, like your eyes get when you look at a rainbow (can you tell how much I love these bars?).

Were they worth the calories? Props to you if you’re even reading this right now since I already answered this, but yes! The bars are light both in texture and taste, and fill you with a sort of love as you would get from looking at a chocolate lab puppy (again, can you tell how much I love these bars?). So what are you waiting for- get your own box!!


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