P.B. Richies-Not Rich in Love



This review is brought to you by my boyfriend, who lovingly went to Walmart to pick me up some snack cakes because I didn’t want to lose my parking spot (in my defense, I parked in the lot that’s closest to me and is usually dominated by seniors). He did not want any of the P.B. Richies though, so I got the whole box to myself, for better or for worse (through sickness and in health). I wish I could say that these P.B. Richies tasted all the better because they were fetched with love, but sadly that was not the case and you’re about to find out why.

Was there love at first sight smell? I will give credit where credit is due, the P.B. Richies did smell good, if you love the smell of the peanut butter kiss cookies you make at Christmas and brownie mix. I found it pleasant, but I also love the smell of peanut butter, so if you don’t I wouldn’t recommend this treat.

Love at first bite? The texture was your standard snack cake texture, soft, spongey cake with a slightly waxy shell. What separated this snack cake from the rest I’ve eaten so far was it’s ooey gooey center. The peanut butter was gooey (as I said) and appropriately cloying, it stuck to the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat a little bit, a lovely throwback to eating real peanut butter out of a jar.

Love at first taste? I honestly could not taste the chocolate cake or coating at all. I even straight up licked the outer shell for a solid three seconds and I still couldn’t taste anything. I don’t know if I’m losing my ability to taste cheap snack cake chocolate or if the taste just wasn’t there, but the only thing I got from the chocolate portion of the cake was sweet nothing (and not the kind my boyfriend whispers in my ear). The only thing I could taste was the peanut butter, which was sweeter than regular peanut butter (like the Nutty Bars) and gooier. After the peanut butter taste receded, there wasn’t an aftertaste, probably due to the fact that there wasn’t anything to taste in the first place.

Was I feeling the love? I would say not, I didn’t love these, and I feel like I could have eaten peanut butter out of the jar and gotten the same effect. So to quote Simon Cowell- it’s a no from me.

*edited for clarity and for the addition of more puns on 10/10/16


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